“L’s Story”

“L” is a 38 years old woman, married, and has a 6 year old girl. She went through a difficult time with her husband, at one point she was a victim of domestic violence, and lately, she was struggling with anxiety and fear. When she found out that she was pregnant, she started to panic and fear was overwhelming her. “L” decided to do an online search for help. That’s when she found out about us and sent a message. Our first contact with her was through the website of our counseling center, but after a while, Alexandra continued to talk with her over the phone.


“C’s” Story

To experience a reproductive loss is hard, but to go through three miscarriages is unthinkable and very hard to describe.


“K’s” Story 

On a really warm August day, Alexandra got a phone call from a woman who found our number while she was googling. She decided to be courageous and call looking for help and support about an event that just happened recently.


“Petar’s Birth”

From the moment she entered the counseling room, B’s face revealed the intense struggle going on in her heart. The doctors had just confirmed that she was 11 weeks pregnant. When asked how she was feeling, she immediately responded: “Afraid, confused, ashamed”.


“My life changed and took on new meaning the moment I held my son in my arms. I will never regret my decision!” – B