3650 days
87600 hours
5256000 minutes
1000’s of women
100’s of children
Uncounted blessings

When we first opened “Lydia” we were wondering would we be able to survive 10 years. It looked so far away, so distant. But then, October 19th came and we had our First Gala Fundraising Dinner to celebrate the 10 years of existence.

For weeks we were working very hard to prepare everything, to make sure every single detail is in order. From finding the perfect venue, picking the right menu, talking about music, guests, gifts, many long working hours and few new gray hairs.
And the evening was perfect! Many people came to celebrate with us, to support us, to hear our clients, for the first time sharing in public their stories. To see in person, the twin girls who were saved from abortion, to hear how a young mom found hope and healing after three miscarriages.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the audience. Our work became real to them. Someone even said “Now I know what exactly “Lydia” does”…
“Lydia” changes lives. It changed ours.

And on October 19th, we were changing the future of Macedonia! 10 years are behind us, and we are looking for the next 10, and the next 10, and the next…

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We are grateful for all of you! 

The Lydia team