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M, 17 years old, was living in a home for orphans. She had been there for over 10 years. Her mother had left her and her brother while they were very young, and her father had given up trying to take care of them. The only person who showed any interest or care in them was their father’s sister, their Aunt C. She lived in Croatia, and in the following years M and her brother had the opportunity to visit her once or twice and to have her visit them.

It was this Aunt C that first contacted us. She sent a message on our Facebook page, saying that her niece was pregnant and in a home where she could not receive the care that she needed. She asked if we could help. Interestingly, our counselor Alexandra already knew of this young lady, from the days when she volunteered in the orphanage where M was living. When Alexandra contacted M, we learned that she was 2 months pregnant and struggling to continue with her pregnancy despite being under constant pressure from social services to have an abortion. She and her boyfriend, who was living at the same orphanage, had decided that since he was 18 years old they would leave the orphanage together, get married, and live with his family.

We rejoiced that they wanted to keep the baby and that they planned to get married, until M wrote us one day: “Please help me. Is there a place for me to stay? My boyfriend left for work and hasn’t returned. He just called and told me to pack and get out of the house. He doesn’t want the baby or me anymore.”

It is very difficult for us when a mother asks for accommodations, because unfortunately we don’t have those kinds of services to offer women currently. Still, we decided to see what we could do for M. We were unable to find accommodations, but after some time had passed, we attempted to get in contact with M to see how she was doing.

We couldn’t get in touch with her, so, we decided to contact her aunt to see whether she knew what had happened with M. It was wonderful news! A woman here in Macedonia who is very well situated financially decided to provide M with a home and everything needed before and after the baby would be born! She treats M like a daughter and her baby, “Suzana”, like a granddaughter. M received more than she ever expected, more than she asked for, more than enough for her needs. Our prayers and her aunt’s prayers were answered. When we couldn’t do anything, God provided for M in a miraculous way. “Suzana” was born in August 2018.