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From the moment she entered the counseling room, B’s face revealed the intense struggle going on in her heart. The doctors had just confirmed that she was 11 weeks pregnant. When asked how she was feeling, she immediately responded: “Afraid, confused, ashamed”.

B was 20 years old and had been in a relationship with her boyfriend for 2 years. She lived with her mother and stepfather. Her boyfriend wasn’t ready to have children, so he and others with whom she talked concluded that abortion was the best and simplest option. According to him, the time hadn’t come yet for them to start a family. Her mother didn’t know anything about what B was going through.

Something broke within her. B was not at all sure that she was ready to take this step, to have an abortion.  She asked about the risks of abortion, and the counselor talked about the prenatal development of the baby. She was very surprised by what she learned in answer to her questions. Her face began to relax as the conversation continued. However, there still remained the problem of the lack of support from her boyfriend. She was encouraged by the counselor to talk with her mother. As she left, she told the counselor that she felt as if a burden had been lifted from her heart. She greatly appreciated the information she had received, and she said that for the first time since she found out she was pregnant, someone was telling her she could be a mother to the child she carried inside her.

She called a week later to say that she talked with her mother, who not only didn’t want her to have an abortion, but also completely supported her decision and offered her help in whatever way was needed.

Today, B is a mother to a wonderful boy and is so happy with the decision she made. “Lydia – a beating heart” supports her in whatever way it can as she faces the challenges of being a single parent.

“My life changed and took on new meaning the moment I held my son in my arms. I will never regret my decision!” – B