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Baby E

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One of our clients called us to tell us about a young woman who had just given birth to a baby boy one week prior. She had tried to give him up to Social Services, but they couldn’t take him because she had no identification, and they couldn’t verify her parental rights or those of the father. This woman, 23 years old, was in one of the most difficult situations we had ever seen. No job, no family, no money, and an abusive boyfriend who had gotten her into prostitution and gambling. There was no way to know for sure who fathered the baby. She was technically married but separated from her husband who was raising her first two children with another woman. She did have a house that she inherited from her parents, but the living conditions were deplorable. Run down, dirty, threadbare carpet, broken down furniture – it was no place to raise a child.

We visited her in her home, bringing with us food for her and supplies for the baby. Over the next couple of months, we worked closely with her, counseling, teaching, loving on her and the baby, observing her behavior and emotional state, helping with formula and diapers for the baby, and getting her in touch with a lawyer who provided free legal advice. She eventually got her ID card, and then was able to get the birth certificate and other necessary documents for the baby. During this time, she began to grow attached to her baby, even while Social Services started threatening to take him away after a home visit.

When Baby E was around two months old, she decided she could not care for him in the way he needed, and voluntarily surrendered him to Social Services who placed him temporarily in a children’s home. She then had three months to decide whether to take him back or to sign him over for permanent adoption. After that, we didn’t hear much for several weeks.

Then, she called us to say that she had moved to another village, was getting married to a good man who knew of her past but loved and accepted her anyway and treated her well. His family also chose to accept and love her despite her history. She had broken all ties with her previous boyfriend and had decided that the best thing for baby E would be to sign the papers to surrender him for permanent adoption. Now she is in the process of finalizing a divorce from her husband so she can marry this other man, and they have moved to Austria where he has a good job.

She has invited us to her wedding in December, stating that we are the only guests she is inviting. “It will be a small wedding, just family, but you are my family. I have nobody else.” She went on to ask, “How is it possible that you can be so loving and accepting and caring towards someone like me, in the situation I was in, with all the bad choices I had made?” We were able to respond that it is not us, but Jesus who loves her unconditionally. We rejoice that she has begun to make better choices, and has chosen to put her baby’s needs above her own. We pray that this new relationship and marriage will be as good as she says it is, and most of all we pray that she will recognize the love of Christ and come to accept Him as her Savior.