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Jana & Ilina

Early in 2015, our director was a guest on one of the national TV programs where she shared about Lydia and about life versus abortion. One couple who saw her on TV contacted us the next day, asking if they could come and talk. They had misunderstood our mission and purpose, and visited our Skopje office thinking we could offer assistance with abortion.

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Spring, 2015. A woman came to the hospital for abortion. Pregnant with her 5th child, she and her husband already had four girls, and the youngest two were twins. At the hospital, she was told she was about 8 weeks along. She was afraid that the abortion procedure would harm her, but her husband was pressuring her to have the abortion because of the stigma of having too many children, and because of concern over their finances.

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Early in 2015, a young mom came to the hospital for abortion. She already had 2 children, the youngest of which was 9 months old. She was afraid, feeling that it was too soon to have another baby, especially since she is alone with the children most of the time. Her husband travels out of the country frequently for work.

Our counselor showed her the model of a baby at 12 weeks’ gestation, and she was amazed by the development of the baby. When her husband came, she showed him the model, telling him that this is what their baby looked like already and he smiled. The counselor encouraged her that she does have the strength and courage to have this baby. She left the hospital that day unsure, but called four days later to tell us that she decided to keep her baby, saying “It’s your fault” with a smile on her face. Baby Kristina was born in September, 2015.

Luke & Lydia

In November 2014, a woman came to the hospital seeking an abortion. She was 40 years old, married with 2 older children, and pregnant with twins. She was very afraid, unable to see how she could care for 2 more children, especially at her age.

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June, 2014. Our counselor was at the hospital per her normal schedule and asked the head nurse if there were any women there for abortion. The nurse replied that there was one, but seemed to discourage us from speaking with her, saying that the woman is still nursing the youngest of her 4 children, the family is poor, etc. The counselor told the nurse that her purpose was to talk with every woman considering abortion.

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In the spring of 2015, a woman who was 16 weeks pregnant came to our office in Skopje, having found out about us from a friend. She didn’t know what to do. By law, it was too late to have an abortion, but she was not in a situation where she could raise a child. Our director suggested adoption, and she agreed! This is very rare, because the idea of adoption in Macedonia is not well-accepted.

In August, she gave birth to a baby girl, and since there are no adoption agencies here, “Lydia” was able to help her at the hospital with the process of giving her child for adoption. Because she was given for adoption, we do not have a photo of Magdalena.


In March 2015, a 19-year old young lady came to the hospital for an abortion with her boyfriend who said he would support her no matter her decision. The previous week our counselor had spoken with both of them, discussing the development of the baby, the consequences of abortion, and encouraging them to consider all of their options.

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In the spring of 2013, “Lydia” was invited to attend an event. We were not able to share or participate in the actual event, but during the lunch we shared about “Lydia” with the people at our table, and gave out a few brochures. A few days later, a woman called us seeking assistance to obtain an abortion.

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Bogdan was born after his mother came to us with concerns because she had had an xray done before she knew she was pregnant, and thought she should abort the pregnancy rather than risk disability or deformity. Our counselor educated her about new tests that can determine disability or deformity in the womb, and she chose to wait. In December 2013, she gave birth to a healthy thriving baby boy!


Bozidar is our first joy! His mother was facing a difficult challenge when she came to “Lydia”. She needed to decide whether she would abort, or choose life for her child. A little heart that was already beating in this brave mother’s womb succeeded to convince her to give him a chance to see the light of the world. They fought together, and they won! “Bozidar” was born in April, 2013.