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In the spring of 2013, “Lydia” was invited to attend an event. We were not able to share or participate in the actual event, but during the lunch we shared about “Lydia” with the people at our table, and gave out a few brochures. A few days later, a woman called us seeking assistance to obtain an abortion.

When asked how she found out about us, she said that her husband had brought home a brochure about Lydia “by chance”, though he had no idea she was pregnant! We visited her in her home, and learned that she was very confused and afraid. She and her husband already had 4 children, and were very poor. Adoption was suggested, and she considered it, but in the end she chose not only to not have an abortion, but also to keep her baby! At first her husband was very upset, concerned about the stigma of having a 5th child and about how he would feed yet another mouth.

After some time and several conversations, he grew to support her decision and to love this new life. Ana was born on August 4, 2013. Since then, we have visited several times, delivering care packages of food, clothes, diapers, and other supplies

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