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Financial Partnership

Lydia – A Beating Heart is a non-profit organization dependent entirely on the financial generosity of individuals, churches, and organizations. Ongoing partnership commitments enable Lydia to meet the needs of women and families in crisis. These could be monthly, quarterly, or annually. Special or one-time gifts are also gratefully accepted, as we often runs projects or events which incur additional costs.

An annual Baby Bottle Campaign is a super fun, popular way to support Lydia.  Many people enjoy this fundraiser, and kids especially love to participate! Each person or family fills an empty baby bottle with spare change or bills and turns it in as a donation when it is full or at the end of the designated time.

Current and future financial gifts will be used in a variety of ways, some of which are listed below:

  • Translation and printing of books and materials
  • Baby clothes and toiletry items for new moms
  • Training classes and community lectures
  • Overhead costs

How to Give

In the U.S.: To send a one-time or recurring gift online, visit this page and click on “Donate now”. Blue Ridge Women’s Center has been a partner and mentor to Lydia since 2012. This method enables individuals within the U.S. to give a tax-free donation.


  • Directly to “Lydia”’s account (outside of Macedonia):
    Recipient: Lidija – srce sto cuka
    IBAN  MK 07 210722000023929
    Tutunska Banka A.D Skopje
    Majka Tereza 1
    1000 Skopje
  • Directly to “Lydia”s account (from Macedonia):
    Lidija – srce sto cuka
    Account number:
    210 067689700194
    Tutunska Banka


You can appeal for Lydia! The one thing you can do that no one else can is to tell your friends about this center. No one else moves in all the same circles you do.  That is the beauty of networking.

Lydia can contact others, but would be just another organization asking for a listening ear. Again and again, it has been shown that people are much more responsive when there is a personal connection.

You never know how God will connect people.  It might be your friend, your family member, your coworker, your teacher, your student, your pastor, or your small group that would be interested to learn about the work of Lydia in Macedonia!



Category : Volunteer

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us! If you live locally, on occasion we need help sorting donations, preparing for an event, providing child care during a community lecture, or a variety of other projects.

If you live internationally, you can still help!  We need help with things like website design and management, graphic design, marketing, grant writing, etc. If you enjoy any type of sewing, knitting, crocheting, ect., another idea is to make baby blankets, booties, hats, etc. and send them to us. Also, baby clothes in the U.S. are of a better quality for a better price, so those are always appreciated as well. Other baby items that are better from the U.S. include pacifiers and bottles. If you choose to send material goods, contact us to discuss the best method of getting those items to us.


One morning in March 2015, our advisor went to the hospital to talk to a young woman who was going to have an abortion. The woman was ready, and the anesthesiologist was waiting to start the procedure. Even though there were only a few minutes, our counselor was not discouraged. This was a woman who needed information. She needed someone to listen and to tell that abortion can be harmful.

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In February 2015, a young couple came to the hospital to apply for abortion. From talking to them, our counselor learned that they had been together for about 3 years, they were happy, and planning for marriage and a family, but not anytime soon. They were working to achieve their dream of leaving Macedonia to live and work in western Europe. Just when they were on the brink of realizing their dream, this young girl found out she was pregnant.

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Early in 2015, Goran’s mom came to the hospital to have an abortion, and was sent to our counselor as required by law. Married, having 2 children already, she and her husband had financial challenges and felt like they couldn’t care for another child even with the financial assistance offered from the government for a 3rd child.

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Anastasija was born in September, 2015. Her mother came for counseling at the hospital after filling out the request for termination of pregnancy. This was her third pregnancy. In the course of the conversation, she shared that from the moment she discovered she was pregnant, she started taking vitamins to insure the health of her baby. It was clear that deep down she wanted this baby.

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Jana & Ilina

Early in 2015, our director was a guest on one of the national TV programs where she shared about Lydia and about life versus abortion. One couple who saw her on TV contacted us the next day, asking if they could come and talk. They had misunderstood our mission and purpose, and visited our Skopje office thinking we could offer assistance with abortion.

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Spring, 2015. A woman came to the hospital for abortion. Pregnant with her 5th child, she and her husband already had four girls, and the youngest two were twins. At the hospital, she was told she was about 8 weeks along. She was afraid that the abortion procedure would harm her, but her husband was pressuring her to have the abortion because of the stigma of having too many children, and because of concern over their finances.

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Early in 2015, a young mom came to the hospital for abortion. She already had 2 children, the youngest of which was 9 months old. She was afraid, feeling that it was too soon to have another baby, especially since she is alone with the children most of the time. Her husband travels out of the country frequently for work.

Our counselor showed her the model of a baby at 12 weeks’ gestation, and she was amazed by the development of the baby. When her husband came, she showed him the model, telling him that this is what their baby looked like already and he smiled. The counselor encouraged her that she does have the strength and courage to have this baby. She left the hospital that day unsure, but called four days later to tell us that she decided to keep her baby, saying “It’s your fault” with a smile on her face. Baby Kristina was born in September, 2015.